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GOOD GOOD VIBRATIONS [Aug. 1st, 2004|12:45 am]


justin has done 3 shows and its already going great! he posted on jmansworld...

JUSTIN'S BOARD : I'm Vibrating...Goodly!!!


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From: MSN NicknameJMAN102878  (Original Message) Sent: 7/31/2004 8:18 AM

Hey Beautiful People!

It's been a while, forgive me, but I just wanted to stop by and thank you for keeping "the world" turning! As you know, I’ve been a busy bee with the new show, and am going to be even busier as soon as this leg of the show ends. The next step with “GV” has yet to be determined, but it’s all good-in-the-hood for me no matter what. Thank you for the flowers and the gifts!!! They’re amazing, and really brighten up the dressing rooms. The girls from the cast thank you as well. You are so wonderful!!! I’m pleasantly surprised that you thought of them as well, they were impressed too! Things continue to look up and are only getting better. I’ve spoken to some of you about it, but I might as well tell you all now…I’ve put together a new team that is going to go about things the right way this time ( not to put too much blame on the last one…they did get me here after all) and in the next few months you’re going to see the beginning of things to come. Everything you’ve been hoping for and, let’s face it, everything I’ve been hoping for will take it’s first stages of development. Cryptic, I know, but it’s the way it has to be for now.

Keeping that in mind, I need your help. By the way, the ladies who made the business cards and the magnets…YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! Could you put together on the board photos of me with short hair that have a large enough resolution to be downloaded and printed. Keep in mind they have to be somewhat professional, as in press-line photos, press photos from events… or really, really, really, good “clean” (as they say in the business) personal photos. Sorry it had to be sans hair, but you’ll see why in a little bit. That would save me so much time, and believe me I need to get a move on certain projects. You guys have been so much help…I almost feel bad asking you to do more, but you’ll be proud of the results!

Well I’m gonna run, gotta go get ready for my matinee today. Thank you all so much for sticking around, I know it can be a bummer sometimes when the press or Johnny No-Name bashes me, especially when things are looking up…but you’ve got to realize that that’s the name of the game. They love you then they hate you…over and over again. I’m looking foreword to breaking that cycle by showing them that I love what I do, no matter what anyone says, and that all I wanna do is have some fun, make a few people smile and forget about the small stuff that gets them down (and believe me it’s all small stuff!!!)

All my love as always…BTW, I wrote that bio…love taking shots at myself, makes me giggle! I MISS YOU BRENDA!!!! I love you all and can’t wait to share more good news. LOL, my castmates call me J-Guar (none of them know that you came up with it, and I never told them anything about it…funny though isn’t it.) Lets hope that’s a good omen…year of the J-Guar!!!!!!

Peace and Blessings…and a pinch of hope!



and here are pics from after the show :)

thanks to Imaginee   for these pics

and then these next pics http://p088.ezboard.com/famericansweetheartsfrm11.showMessage?topicID=10784.topic





















My fave...





Love the smile...

sooo hott!

[User Picture]From: rynluvsluv
2004-08-05 10:09 am (UTC)


This isn't huge news or anything but I found a website where you could nominate our man.


I was going to post this @ the world but the website might be to racy for some. There are not naked pics or anything, just use your discretion. The most beautiful man of the month gets his pic on there and a nice biography. Past winners have been Ashton Kuthcher, John Mayer, etc..

Don't you want to see Justin up there? :)
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